That Union Thing

The Department of Labor is planning a $1.9 million study on misclassification of workers as independent contractors.

The US Government Accountability Office estimates that misclassification of works accounts for more than $2.7 billion in unpaid Social Security and unemployment and income tax each year. In 2011 the IRS and the Department of Labor began a joint enforcement campaign to crack down on misclassification of workers.

Details of the agreement between the Kravis Center and IATSE have been released. The Kravis Center will recognize the union as the stagehands' bargaining agent, obtain workers through the union's hiring hall, and will reinstate three department heads. 248 stagehands will also receive $2.2 million in back pay, half of which has already been paid and the balance of which will be paid in January 2014. The resolution of the 12-year dispute came after an IATSE picket line caused the cancellation of four performances of Jersey Boys.

The National Hockey League lockout has ended after four months. The lockout caused the cancellation of 510 games. The new agreement reached will be in place for ten years, with an option for either side to opt out after eight years. The new deal will lower the players' percentage of revenue from 57 to 50 percent. players will receive $300 million in transition payments over the next three years, and will also now be covered by a defined benefit pension plan.


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