That Union Thing

As a result of a complaint filed by the Teamsters Union, workers at Florida's Union Correctional prison at Raiford will be receiving $600,000 in back wages or time off. For several years, the prison did not count the up to 25 minutes that employees spent passing through metal detectors and walking to their posts as time worked. After a complaint was filed, the Departments of Labor's Wage and Hour Division launched an investigation, and a settlement was reached where former workers will receive cash payments and current workers will receive additional time off.

U.S. household wealth has returned to its post-recession peak, rising to $70 trillion for the quarter ending March 2013. Average household wealth rose to $539,500 last year, although most households saw much less of a recovery. Since house prices are still thirty percent below their peak, and most of the recovery has come from higher stock prices, affluent households have benefited the most and the average household has only recovered about sixty-three percent of their lost wealth.



Go unions. People in this county are stupid thinking big company's have there best interest at heart ie (some big box stores you know who they are)The wage and benefit package you receive today are because of unions negotiation's of yesteryears and today. Big company's want to keep unions out so they pay just below the union scale then they tell the associates (again you know who they are and many other non union company's)and the term is workers not associates. See you don't need a union and the stupid associates believe it. When that is done and the union is out the company lowers the wage and benefit package and the idiot workers say see we don't need unions we are treated very well by the company. All the time big business eroding the working class wages. Yes make no mistake we are all not equal in the good ole U.S.A there is a class system. Wake up workers of today unite and unionize. In 1985 I was making $25 an hr. Now in 2013 two of my three sons are working two jobs and still not making $25 an hr. my youngest having a Bachelor's degree. My middle son and his girl friend are working one job each but it's sad that it take too salary's to make it today. Tony Local #3 I.B.E.W.

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