That Union Thing

Cuts to the food stamp program that took place on November 1 are effecting 3.6 million Floridians.

Nearly half of food stamp recipients are children. The cuts are the result of expired federal stimulus spending that was passed in 2009.

Floridians are paying $348 million in taxes a year to support low-paid fast-food industry workers. More than half of the 110,000 Florida workers in the fast-food industry make so little income that they qualify for Medicaid, food stamps, and the federal earned income credit. Nationally, the fast-food industry generates $7 billion in public costs, with Florida ranking fifth in the nation in public costs.

Adjunct Faculty at Tufts University in Massachusetts have followed their American University colleagues' lead and voted for representation by the Service Employees International Union. More and more adjunct faculty are voting for union representation as colleges and universities shift hiring practices away from full time professors and toward more adjunct faculty. In the 1970's, more than 70 percent of college faculty were tenured or tenure-track professors; now, fewer than half of them are.


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