South Florida Musicians Association Urges Boycott of Miami Symphony Over Unpaid Wages

South Florida Musicians Association is encouraging members of the community to boycott the Miami Symphony. The Symphony is delinquent in paying wages to its musicians, with some musicians owed for wages as far back as two seasons ago and some musicians owed as much as an entire seasons’ wages. In response to claims made by several musicians under Miami-Dade County’s Wage Theft Ordinance, the Symphony’s attorney admitted that the Symphony owes money to musicians, but claims that the Symphony is not subject to the County’s Wage Theft ordinance. According to the Symphony’s 2012 tax return, the most recent the Symphony has filed, the Symphony has total liabilities of nearly $1.3 million.


the Miami Symphony should be boycotted, and required to live up to their promise of pay to the musicians, Musicians must eat and pay rent, pay motgages, drive, and feed and take care of families like anyone in the management. If the organization can't work as an effective business then they should dissolve and perhaps reform as an amateur community group that does not hire.(or pay the director !!)

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