South Florida Musicians Association Urges Boycott of South Florida Symphony Over Unpaid Wages

South Florida Musicians Association is encouraging members of the community to boycott the South Florida Symphony. The Symphony is delinquent in paying wages to its musicians, as many musicians have yet to be paid for any of the work they performed for the Symphony in 2014 and only this month received payment for the work they performed in November 2013, eight months ago. The Symphony, which gave its inaugural performance in 1998, first had difficulty making payroll when it expanded beyond Key West in 2010. The Symphony cancelled its April 2010 concert after it was unable to make payroll for its January 2010 performances. The Symphony resumed operations in October 2010 after having made only partial payment to the musicians who had performed in January 2010. The Symphony was only able to make partial payment to musicians for the October 2010 performances as well, and subsequently cancelled the balance of its 2010-11 season. The musicians who performed in January and October 2010 were not fully compensated for their services until December 2011.

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