That Union Thing

According to a study by The Center for Healthcare Research and Transformation at the University of Michigan, Florida ranks last in per-person funding from the Affordable Care Act.

Florida's per capita funding is $18.04, far less than the national average of $47.67. The ranking and funding levels are due in part to numerous grants that the state did not apply for, including grants to help frail and elderly remain independent, grants to send health professionals to areas of critical need, and grants to finance more training slots for primary-care doctors.

According to a study by, nearly 20 percent of Floridians still do not have health insurance, despite nearly a million Floridians signing up for coverage under the Affordable Care Act. Only three other states, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas, have higher rates of uninsured. It is estimated that an additional five percent of Floridians would have been covered had the state agreed to expand Medicaid coverage.


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