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The US Department of Transportation has finally issued regulations regarding traveling with musical instruments, three years after the FAA Modernization and Reform Act was signed into law.

The rules will become effective in March and major airlines are required to update their policies and practices to reflect the new regulations. Airlines will now be required to adequately accommodate musical instruments in their policies for carry-on and checked baggage and must make sure that airline personnel consistently apply the new policies.

Broadway had a bumper holiday season. Both attendance and revenue increased over last year, with 19 of the 36 shows currently on Broadway earning more than $1 million for the week after Christmas.

A report by the US Bureau of Economic Analysis shows that in 2012 the creative industries accounted for 3.8 percent of the GDP, a larger percent than the construction, transportation, tourism, or agriculture industries. While the creative industries generated $698.7 billion in added value, the number of jobs in the creative industries fell from 5.2 million in 2007 to 4.7 million in 2012.

A new report by the National Endowment for the Arts finds that more people are turning to the Internet for artistic activities. In 2012, nearly 75 percent of Americans used electronic media to listen to or view art. The number of people attending live events fell from 41 percent in 1992 to just over 33 percent in 2012, with art museums and galleries being the hardest hit. The study noted that the largest attendance decline too place between 2002 and 2008, and that attendance has leveled out since then.


The AFM has reached agreement on a new contract with the motion picture and TV film industry. The new three-year agreement, running through April 2018, calls for two percent wage increases each year and an increase to existing standards for video on-demand production wages.


The Palm Beach Symphony has named Erin O'Mahoney as director of development. O'Mahoney began her career at De Beers and most recently was head of the communication departments at jewelers Asprey and H. Stern.

Florida Grand Opera is considering exiting from the Broward Center next season after drastic declines in financial support. From 2006 to 2014, the number of donors in Broward County has fallen from 1,614 to 385, donations have fallen from just under $2 million to less than $500,000, and attendance has fallen from 31,349 seats to 12,477. FGO has announced that it must raise $400,000 to bring next season's productions to Fort Lauderdale. However, the exodus may have a reprieve as an anonymous donor has offered a no-limit matching grant, reducing the amount FGO must raise by half.

Houston Grand Opera has exceeded its goal for its Inspiring Performance fund drive, raising $172.9 million. The campaign was launched privately in 2007 and publicly in 2012, and funds raised will be used to increase the endowment, fund world premieres and new productions, and fund the Opera's first staging of Wager's Ring cycle.

The Atlanta Symphony has received $1.25 million from Sally and Carl Gable to support the orchestra's Musicians' Endowment Fund. The Fund seeks to endow 11 full-time musician positions at a cost of $25 million.


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