That Union Thing

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Uber. The lawsuit alleges that Uber has violated minimum wage laws and has misclassified workers as independent contractors.

Unfair labor practice charges have also been filed with the NLRB. According to the director of the New York Taxi Workers Alliance, Uber practices have de-professionalized the work, turning it into "temporary gig work."

The CWA and IBEW have reached an agreement with Verizon, anding a six-week strike. The four-year contract will raise wages by 11 percent and create 1300 new call-center jobs.

The National Labor Relations Board has made a ruling that reverses a 78-year policy regarding replacement workers. The ruling in the case between SEIU and Piedmont Gardens Nursing Home states that an employer may not hire permanent replacements during a strike if the reason for the replacement violates a worker's rights under the National Labor Relations Act.


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