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Name:  David Ruttenberg

Instruments:  Multiple including keyboards, piano, drums, bass, guitars, vocals

Member Since: 2005

Why did you join AFM Local 655?

Professional Support, Benefits and Camaraderie.

Tell us About Yourself:

As a GRAMMY® producer/engineer and BMI writer/publisher – I'm fortunate to work with A-List entertainers and up and coming stars – including some of the biggest names in the entertainment and business world: Peter Gabriel, Stevie Wonder, Janet Jackson, Lindsey Buckingham, 3M, Goodyear and Blockbuster Video. I've also honed my business acumen serving at the upper-levels of companies including Otari, NEOTEK, REP/SVC Magazine and GATE International. I've completed project work for Jeff Berlin, Russ Freeman, The Rippingtons and Eric Marienthal. In the process, my work has been featured along side of tracks and has been performed by Chick Corea, Peter Erskine and Russell Ferrante. Somehow, I’ve also managed to raise awareness and money for pediatric cancer by producing my own jazz solo albums - Sunset Key and Miracles. All of this came at a price! Specifically, I mastered my performance, engineering and production skills with degrees from the University of Miami School of Music and College of Engineering. I like to think that my easy-going style is balanced by my ever-increasing love of all things technical and creative. Lastly, I'm equally at home in recording, mixing and mastering studios working on major and independent projects.



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