Last Month at the Local

Last month, President Bertolet and Secretary-Treasurer Apana met with representatives of the Miami Symphony Orchestra to discuss the Orchestra’s large balance of unpaid wages to musicians.

The Orchestra has made timely wages payments for the past two seasons but still owes wages from prior seasons. The Orchestra has been making payments to musicians, and some musicians have been paid in full, but other musicians are still owed thousands of dollars. The Orchestra has told us that they expect to accelerate those wage payments in the fall and expect to pay back all outstanding wages by the end of the 2017-18 season. We will continue to monitor the situation, and are reassured that the Orchestra has acknowledged the problem, has a plan to pay off the debt, and continues to communicate with us on the status of the debt. Please let us know if you are still owed, so that we can make sure you are receiving your payment plan checks.

Do you have a complaint about a gig? Are you still waiting to get paid? Were you fired before the end of the run? Were you harassed or discriminated against? Let us know...the Local may be able to help you, confidentially if necessary. Call us or leave a complaint on our website: We are here to help!


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