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Venue reviews - by musicians, for musicians

Knowledge is power. Musicians on Venuology anonymously review venues they've played at. Armed with info about sound quality, room size, pay and vibe, we can collectively pressure clubs to improve!

Venue reviews - by musicians, for musicians With Venuology, musicians can anonymously compare notes about music venues... Does the club treat musicians well? How was the sound system? How large was the room? Was there a good crowd? What was the pay situation?

Our information is gathered from working musicians. If you've played at a music venue, we want your input! We're building a case history for each venue, like the product reviews on or restaurant reviews on Yelp.

By the way, all reviews are completely anonymous.

South Florida was recently added as an area on Venuology, so if you are a musician in south Florida, please visit to add your own reviews or read reviews by others.


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