That Union Thing

A report by The Stephen S Fuller Institute at George Mason University found that south Florida leads the nation in growth and numbers of "gig economy" employees.

The study found that between 1997 and 2015, the number of nonemployer businesses rose 142 percent, more than twice the national average. The study also found that average receipts at those businesses were less than the national average, $44,100 as compared to $47,800. South Florida likely has more "gig economy" employers than other major metropolitan areas due to the presence of fewer large corporations.

A survey of Florida university faculty by SEIU found that half of the respondents make less than $30,000 per year. The survey also found that one third do not have health insurance and a quarter have difficulty putting food on the table.

Senator Patty Murray (D-Wash) and Representative Bobby Scott (D-Va) have introduced the Workplace Action for a Growing Economy (WAGE) Act. This amendment to the NLRA would strengthen protections for working people by tripling backpay for workers who are fired or retaliated against, providing court injunctions to immediately return fired workers to their jobs, and ensuring that employers are jointly responsible for violations committed by subcontractors.

An NLRB administrative law judge has ruled that AFM members can leaflet on the property of the Tobin Center of Performing Arts in San Antonio. Musicians had been protesting the use of recorded music and the Center had initially told them they must hand out leaflets across the street on property not owned by the center.

SAG-AFTRA has reached an agreement with Spanish Broadcasting System radio stations. The eight employees illegally fired will receive backpay, interest, and expenses. Additionally, the employees will also be offered the choice of reinstatement to their former positions, or significant front pay.


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