Membership Benefits


"Through their unions, they have a voice in their workplace, in their future...They deserve the right to have their voices heard when they speak out for job security and safe workplaces. Unions fight for better wages and benefits, not just for their members, but for everyone. They advocate for quality jobs that build a strong middle class". (Sec. Hilda Solis, Former U.S. Secretary of Labor).

Collective Bargaining gives workers equal standing to negotiate with their employers. It gives you a seat at the table where decisions are made. Alone, we have no power, but together we can make our voices heard. Collective bargaining encourages an open dialogue and gives us the ability to make changes, not just recommendations that are ignored by our employers. As musicians, often we see first-hand problems that need to be fixed, and we can be an invaluable resource for our employers. But too often, employers will dismiss us as a pesky annoyance. With the backing of a union, we can demand that they respect our opinions and negotiate solutions. We are stronger together!


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