A community of musicians working together to
preserve the culture of music and
promote dignity, fairness, and democracy for musicians.

10/01/15 South Florida Musicians Association Holds Membership Drive

Initiation Fees waived October 1–December 31, 2015. Join now and save up to $115!

RENEW the power of working musicians in South Florida by becoming a member of the one organization looking out for your professional interests-the AFM! 

R – Respect......... Gaining respect for musicians as professionals in the community.

E – Employment. Working with musicians and employers to develop more opportunities under AFM contracts.

N – Networking.. Networking with others to build strength and influence through a collective voice.

E – Equality........ Representing all musicians so that they are treated fairly and without favoritism.

W – Wages.......... Organizing and Negotiating  to boost musicians’ wages and benefits.

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10/01/15 Official Business

Membership Meeting

east of I95 on Sunrise Blvd, in the Ft. Lauderdale branch of the Broward Library, next to Holiday Park

 Election, Wage Scale, and Bylaw Results from 9/24 Meeting

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10/01/15 Last Month at the Local

Last month several musicians contacted us about the South Florida Symphony, which has not paid musicians for any of the work they have performed since January 2015. The Local is currently exploring ways to put pressure on the orchestra to pay its musicians before the new season begins in November.

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10/01/15 Member Profiles

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