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12/01/98 Member Benefits

Annual Dues Again??  Why should you send in those annual dues checks...

Symphonic Musicians

  • Are you working under the Boca Pops or Florida Philharmonic CBAs that we just helped negotiate on your behalf?

  • Did we just fight a grievance for one of your colleagues?

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12/01/98 1990's Building Spree

It started with the $54 Million Broward Center for the Performing Arts in Ft. Lauderdale. It opened in 1991 with the Florida Philharmonic in the spotlight. The complex, designed by Benjamin Thompson & Associates (designer of Baltimore’s Harborplace, Miami’s Bayside, and New York’s South Street Seaport), contains a 2700 seat hall (Au-Rene), a 590 seat hall, (Amaturo), and the Abdo New River Room conference facility. The Center attracts about half a million people annually. In its first five years it had a $330 million impact in the community (including $100 million in new construction in the Arts and Sciences District).

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12/01/98 Symphonic Shorts

Boca Pops Ratifies Contract


Five (5) years


15.1% increase (2.9%, 2.4%, 2.4%, 3.5%, and 3.9%)


$6 (1st yr.), $7 (2nd yr.), $8 (3rd yr.), $9 (4th yr.), $10 (5th yr.)


5% (1st yr.), 6% (2nd yr.), 7% (3rd yr.), 8% (4th & 5th yr.);

now paid on all scale wages including titular pay


Increased to Local 655 rates or higher


36 (1st yr.), 40 (2nd yr.), 44 (3rd through 5th years)


$12.50 & increases $0.50 per year


Free parking at all services


Screens shall be used


Not required to cross a lawful AFM primary picket line


Housekeeping changes to arbitration procedure; non-renewal; audition procedure; paycheck duedates; schedule deadlines; music availability; etc.

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12/01/98 Recording Rap

For the last few months I have been busy inputting all recording contracts into our new computer system.

This information is being shared with the Federation as they negotiate the new Jingle and Phono contracts. Our new system of sending out recording checks with the work dues bill is a success and I thank everyone for paying their work dues on time. This helps us to work more efficiently.

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12/01/98 Official Business

Next General Membership Meeting

Wednesday December 9 at 12:00 noon. Sweeping Bylaw changes that will enable us to better serve you...see page 6 for details.

Dues Reminder

Regular Members: $136 annual or $68 semiannual

Life Members: $86 annual or $43 semiannual

PLEASE pay in January to avoid late fees (we all hate the hassle of late fees and we need to pay about $10,000 of Federation Per Capita in January)...and it would help us greatly if you would pay in December!

12/01/98 Treasurer's Report

As of October 1, we have implemented a new computer system to keep track of membership information and all billing, as well as all other accounting information.

What we can now do

We can better track all of our expenses as well as all of our income. We have the ability to see where we stand on a daily basis, as well as to forecast where we will be in the near future.

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12/01/98 President's Report

Itís been a very busy time with the Boca Pops and the Florida Philharmonic Orchestras negotiations and settlements for Tom Moore and the Delray incident (which has brought new meaning to the term "one armed paper hanger").

Although we have helped finalize most of these situations, others remain to be resolved and so we will continue to work to reach settlements as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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