Last Month at the Local

Are you listed in our referral program? Last month we referred pianists, drummers, bass players, and sax players for gigs. We also met with one of our members to discuss contract protection and pension benefits. For recording work, those contracts are also used to make sure you receive royalty payments. Last month we assisted the various royalty funds in tracking down documentation for albums by several artists including Pitbull, Don Omar, JD Natasha, Paulina Rubio, and even for the Gleason Show from the 1960's and 1970's.

Last month we assisted the national AFM office in researching the Star Trek National Voyage Tour which was just launched from Florida. The show is supposedly accompanied by the Czech National Symphony Orchestra, but it is unclear why the orchestra was granted a visa to perform this 4-month tour, and why American musicians were not hired to perform. Expect to hear more about this in the future.

We have also begun preparations for some big events happening in the near future. Our Palm Beach Opera collective bargaining agreement expires in May, and, with the assistance of AFM negotiator Todd Jelen, we are getting ready to negotiate a new agreement. Musicians have been surveyed about their concerns, and the orchestra committee is working with Local officers and negotiator Jelen to draft a proposal and schedule negotiation dates. We are also preparing, with AFM SSD director Jay Blumenthal and player conference representatives, to meet with New World Symphony management and fellows at the end of February. And this June President Bertolet and Secretary-Treasurer Apana will be participating in the AFM Convention. Every three years representatives of all of the Locals in the AFM meet at the Convention to discuss concerns and set policy for the AFM (as well as elect international officers). Delegates can also propose changes to the AFM Bylaws, the governing document for the AFM. Proposals are due by March 1 and will be published in the International Musician. If you have any concerns that you would like us to discuss at the convention, please let us know.


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