Last Month at the Local

Last month we assisted the Palm Beach Opera Orchestra ROPA delegate with submitting information for the AFM's annual wage charts. The wage charts detail wages and conditions for orchestras across the country. The charts make it easy to compare conditions between different orchestras and the information is extremely useful during negotiations.

We also assisted a member in filing to receive benefits from the AFM-EP pension fund. Please keep in mind that the Fund does NOT automatically start sending checks when you turn 65. You should contact the Fund at least three months before you would like to start receiving checks (you can collect as early as age 55).

One of the reasons that you should make sure all of your recording work is on AFM agreements is backend payments. Last month we assisted various funds in finding documentation for additional payments to musicians that performed for The Howdy Doody Show, Miami Vice, and on a Gloria Estefan collection. Without documentation, it is much more difficult to collect and distribute these additional payments. To avoid missing out, make sure we have report forms for all of your recording work!

Lastly, President Bertolet and Secretary-Treasurer Apana participated in negotiations with the New World Symphony over their Fence Agreement. AFM SSD Director Blumenthal, SSD Electronic Media Director Newmark, ROPA President Lehmeier-Tatum, and ICSOM Chairperson Ridge were also involved. All of us also met with the NWS fellows to talk about the AFM and what it is and what it does.


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