Last Month at the Local

This past March we began preparations for attendance at the AFM's 100th convention, which will take place this June.

Local 655 submitted a resolution to the convention dealing with orchestra residencies, which convention delegates will vote on this summer. Each Local of the AFM will be sending delegates to the convention, which takes place once every three years. We have begun speaking to other delegates about supporting our resolution. Convention resolutions and recommendations from all of the delegates and the International Executive Board will be published in the May International Musician.

Last month we filed unfair labor practice charges with the National Labor Relations Board against Florida Grand Opera and Palm Beach Symphony. The NLRB is in charge of enforcing the National Labor Relations Act, which is a 1935 law to protect the rights of employees. The Opera and the Symphony fired two musicians "for union activities," which is illegal under the NLRA. Sworn statements have been taken and we expect a ruling from the regional office of the NLRB soon. Generally when employees are found to be illegally fired, remedies include reinstatement with back pay. IASTE stagehands fought a similar battle with the Kravis Center, which took them 10 years to resolve and cost the Kravis Center over $2 million. Hopefully our case will be resolved more quickly!


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